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In Catania, since 2012, we deal with professional trainings for worldwide aspiring chefs, pastry chefs and professionals.

MYDA Cooking School is a division of MYDA Association, founded in Catania in 2012 thanks to the idea of Loredana Crisafi, cooking teacher, wedding and event planner, who started her professional career in the sector of food in the end of 90s. 

From year to year we expand the range of courses, also offering amateur courses for all the people interested in it. 

Loredana Crisafi

I am the founding partner of Myda Cooking School, Catering & Banqueting, Wedding Planner & Events.

For years I have been studying and working in the culinary and pastry art.

After having achieved various university qualifications in the economic sector, both in tourism and business, I got a professional diploma for “Worker in the cooking services” and a diploma for “Specialist in catering services”; moreover, I am a member of Federazione Italiana Cuochi and of Confedeazione Pasticceri of regione Lazio.

I have been teaching in catering institutes in some cities in the provincia of Catania, such as Giarre, Nicolosi and Caltagirone; I attended various courses for Event and Wedding Planning and today I work with famous agencies throughout the Italian territory and in Sicily. 

For more than 15 years I have been dealing with cooking experiences and workshops for foreigners from all over the world.