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In Catania, since 2012, we deal with professional trainings for worldwide aspiring chefs, pastry chefs and professionals. From year to year we expand the range of courses, also offering amateur courses for all the people interested in it. 

Myda Scuola di Cucina Piano Lavoro


Myda cooking school offers courses thought for all the needs


We offer amateur and specialized courses for people who want to turn their love for food into a job. All the courses are held by chefs and highly skilled teachers.

Myda Scuola di Cucina Primo Piatto
Myda Scuola di Cucina Pasticceria


Also, in the sector of pastry, we have designed different level courses: basic and advanced for amateurs and a professional one for those who want to became Chef Patissier o Maitre Chocolatier.


The developing of manual skills has always been important for children, especially in an era where traditional games have been replaced by electronical ones. 

Myda Scuola di Cucina Bambini
Myda Scuola di Cucina HACCP


At our school, HACCP courses will be held for food personnel, who have replaced the former health booklet and are mandatory for all those who handle and administer food.


Expertise and job opportunities

Thanks to Myda professional courses, you can evaluate and put into practice your abilities.
Your dedication, our teaching support and the stage activities will give you great possibilities in the workplace.
Myda guides its students in the workplace:

-The 80% of our students has found a job or has advanced the career at the end of courses.

-Many Italian or foreign companies take us as a reference point for the staff recruitment trained by us.

-The main requisites are love and dedication. Motivation and willpower, together with the appropriate teaching, pave the way for your expertise.


Teamwork is important for the growth of a company, for this reason everyone should cultivate and consolidate it. Creating relationships, motivating and uniting the group, bringing out the leadership, working towards goals, knowing how to manage time…Cooking is the perfect place to crate and develop these attitudes.

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If you want to start a business or develop an existing one, our experts are ready to create a project depending on your needs.

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Once a year, in September, to inaugurate the new academic year, the school opens its doors to all those who wish to get to know our reality up close. A day where you can meet the teachers and learn about the activities of the Myda training offer.

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Open houses are an excellent opportunity to get to know each other before making a choice or an important step.
The Open Houses are open days for visits during which it will be possible to take turns, for a limited time and for a small group of participants.

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A cooking workshop could be the right idea if you are looking for an original way to celebrate the bride-to-be or the groom-to-be.

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Myda Scuola di Cucina Partner
Myda Scuola di Cucina Partner
Myda Scuola di Cucina Partner
Myda Scuola di Cucina Partner
Myda Scuola di Cucina Partner
Myda Scuola di Cucina Partner
Myda Scuola di Cucina Partner
Myda Scuola di Cucina Partner
Myda Scuola di Cucina Partner
Myda Scuola di Cucina Partner
Myda Scuola di Cucina Partner


Telephone: +39 095 66 83 386
Mobile: +39 328 432 9860
Via Cristoforo Colombo, 53 – 95121 Catania
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