Bianca Celano

Cooking Chef teacher

She was a manager until she was 40 years old, then she changed her life. She has a traveller spirit, she thinks like a businesswoman and has a great passion in her heart for traditions and memories about her big family eating all together. 

Stubborn, sensitive and passionate like all Sicilian women, Bianca Celano is a sui generis chef.

She had an experience as autodidact, then as a food blogger and then she took the difficult but conscious choice to start a new life and a new career, dedicated to food and to a new interpretation of conviviality.

Her cuisine is based on excellent Sicilian ingredients, carefully selected according to the season. She proposes dishes in a contemporary key, mixing flavors and playing with their contrasts.

In 2013 Bianca opened her restaurant named QQucina Qui, together with her husband Fabio Gulino, that is a loft with a single table in the old town of Catania. 

La carta dei dolci viene firmata dal Maestro Pasticciere Corrado Assenza.

On the 27 of January 2018 she decided to stop this experience and take a break from her job. 

In May she started to move around Italy to tell her idea and show her love for Sicily.