Sushi has spread in Italy within the 70s and 80s. At the beginning it was just in Rome, thanks to Embassies and tourists. This is due to a young “sushi chef”, that started to work in Rome, making Italians falling in love with Japanese food.

In the last 30 years Japanese food has spread and now is appreciated throughout Italy.

If you are keen on it and you decide to attend our course, you will learn step by step the skills and the techniques required in the field, in order to cook and understand the art of this typical aspect of Japanese food.

The course is held by the chef Patron of the restaurant Sakura-I Sushiari- in Catania.

Available days: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

Timetable: Afternoon 16-18/ 15-19

Future editions: 11.12.2019 – from 15:00 to 17:00;

Students per class: at least 6

Training hours: 12

Duration of the course: 4 lessons

Teachers: Delfo Malpasso / Sushi Chef and Patron of the Restaurant Sakura