Rita Busalacchi

Pastry Chef Teacher

She was born in 1984 and she graduated in Palermo in the career of Chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies. She started her career in Myda in October 2014, as haute cuisine teacher.

She started her career in professional pastry at Boscolo Etoile Academy; in 2011 she started to collaborate with the chef Luca Montersino, becoming his personal assistant.

Together they started to write recipe books and in 2012 they published “Peccati mignon”.

The next year, she was hired as a pastry in Luca Montersino’s company, named “Golosi di Salute”.

For years, she has been really interested in French pastry and so she based many of her studies on it.

In summer 2014 she had two important working experience: one in Michalak Masterclass (with Christophe Michalak, Pastry Chef of Alain Ducasse) and another one in the famous workplace of Pierre Hermè in Paris.

She attended the course “French pastry in evolution”, with Guillame Mabilleau at the Italian Chef Cooking School in Cagliari, the school founded by Chef Gianluca Aresu, its maître chocolatière, and Giuseppe Falanga; in 2016 she took part in “Top Italian Pastry Chef”, becoming part of the group. 

She is a freelance pastry consultant and has commitments throughout Italy, but also abroad. She worked in Palermo with her Head Pastry Chef Maurizio Black Santin in “Antico Caffè Spinnato dal 1860”, a pastry awarded Tre Torte( the highest award in the category) and best pastry “Best in Sicily” in 2018.

It is a professional pastry and high pastry teacher (classical and modern) in Myda cooking school.